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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 30, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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we're going to do everything we can to help you get back on your feet. >> spencer christian is tracking remnants of sandy for you now. >> this is a passive storm. it's still producing waves of flooding rain, snow and strong winds sustained winds of 45 miles per hour6/h÷ and stronger gusts. it's amazing. there is a reach from ohio, indiana, maine and into nova scotia. the center of the storm is still producing heavy snow inzv received00 feet already and it's still snowing. let's close in on new england. bands of storms in parts of rhode island, massachusetts,
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maine and beyond. in southeastern ka da in a -- canada. lifting northward up into eastern canada. as the storm moves into eastern canada we'll see bands of rain and snow affecting parts of the northeastern u.s.. this is a storm. >> today big rigs hit the road carrying trucks and equipment and are expected to arrive by thursday. >> storm still causing chaos fort( travelers. 100 flights cancelled again today at san francisco international airport. >> abc 7 news talked to some of the stranded passengersv:. >> this woman just needs to be back home. after 30 minutes, she still haven't have a flight. >> what happened back there?
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>> it's complicated. >> are the airlines cooperate something. >> yes. everybody wants to fly now. >> brian green's flight rescheduled for tomorrow. >> i have to be at a cemetery. so the circumstances definitely suck. that is my story. hopefully, they can help me out. >> we're in mendocino. and have thursday getting back to the east coast. >> at least he's in no great crush to get home. vegas. >> you're going to be a prisoner of love in loss vegas. >> there are years on the ceiling. >> mireon finds it amusing.
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>> where is this going? >> adding to the confusion is that all 114 flights to the seven airports were cancelled. to see some of flights take off. advice if you want to know if your flight is going to be taking off, go online, check with your airline. >> san francisco bomb squad just clearedfá a scene of a sus spishus package about 11:30 today.xdñ officers did an extra ray and determined waits not dangerous. traffic was shut down throughout the area and including embarcadero. things should be getting back to normal there. >> the family of a teak teenager killed by a police officer is announcing a lawsuit. the officer shot derek gains in the neck after a chase back
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on june 5th. an investigation cleared the officer of wrong doing. his family is holding a news conference right now. we'll tell what you they say coming up at 5:00. the hospital after being attacked by a shark. there are reports he may not survive. these pictures show a huge bite taken out of the board. this happened just afternoon today at bunker's surf spot. the ta-year-old has a 14 inch bite wound to a leg. he did manage to get to shore. he was bleeding pro fusely. he is undergoing surgery now and he is in serious condition in a hospital. >> new details in a castro valley arson and murder case this month. two teen suspects charged as adults today in court. they face charges of arson, robbery and murder all committed during a robbery. a 16-year-old and 18-year-old did not offer pleas in court, they're accused of choking a woman to death, robbing the
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home, setting the house on fire, prosecutors decided to try him as an adult. >> investigators are looking into what caused a possible explosion and fire in a home this morning causing heavy damage to the inside of the house. investigators say one adult in the home called 911 to report hearing a blast right before the home caught on fire. no one was injured. >> san francisco district attorney george gascone vowing to prosecute the 35 people arrested during the mayhem that followed sunday night's giants viblgtry. the city promising to do everything it can. we're learning a man was badly beaten during the rioting. police say he was attacked by five men that remain at large. >> up to a million people are expected at tomorrow's parade, celebrating the champion giants.
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>> what you see is the stage being set here for the trophy ceremony after the parade. the entire thing is quite an undertaking. billy philadelphia is ready for his close up. he'll play caliope to entertain crowds at tomorrow's parade. riordan is getting in a last minute rehearsal. the only marching band performed during the parade in 2010, called on again with one million fans expected to jam san francisco market street, the floats need to be fantastic. the race is on to get eight, maybe 10, ready to roll. with less than 48 hours notice to drape sheeting it's been
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crazy for workers. have no doubt it will. >> mayor ed lee introduced the city team awe here, he says to make sure the event is a family friendly celebration. live in san francisco city hall, abc 7 news. >> because of the parade, uc hastings college of the law will be closed tomorrow. the route runs by that campus. officials say it's in the interest of public safety. san francisco schools will be open tomorrow. >> you are know a lot of parents are going to take their kids out, right? >> the superintendent saying we encourage families to make sure their child is in school, ready to learn our students cannot afford to lose anymore
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instruckal time. budget cuts forced our district to shorten the school year. the schools lose money for every student not in class. >> people being told to take mass transit to the parade tomorrow. cal train will be running extra trains.. >> golden gate ferry adding service to the ferry building. and you can watch the parade live at 11:00 a.m. we'll be streaming it live and on our ipad app as well. >> a huge treat for fans today in redwood city. >> oh, yes. the outfielder for the giants giving away free tacos and this is fun, leanne, you like hot or mild? >> i've got to say welcome to taco bell. can i take your order?
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that is what angel pagon was telling people as he was making food and serving it here. number 31 had help on how to prepare the perfect taco, asking what if i don't get it right? do i get fired? he got it right. a few stopped doing what they're doing to take a picture. he took orders at the drive threw. imagine that. >> my agent call immediate and said it was important. i feel happy i brought everybody together in the united states. it's a great moment for americans. >> and this is part of a promotion by taco bell promising if a major league player stole a base everyone would be treated to a taco
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between tk and 6:00. he delivered 8th inning how could anyone forget. so people here started lining up at 9:00 this morning and this is at the taco bell to get a glimpse of pagon and yes to, get that free taco. this is not just me but the united states. . >> have a win for it. >> that is what i'm talking about. yeah. coming up at 5:00 i'm going to settle this. is it angel? or angel? he told me, but you've got to watch. in the meantime, some people here want to say something... they're ready for that parade
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tomorrow. and i am live... in redwood city, with a few fans. there you go. >> yes. just a few. >> that is a great promotion. you get one taco. not as many as want. >> that is what they're waiting for. >> sponsor got some earlier. >> it was muy caliente. >> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. we have clear skies and fog and low clouds at the coast and beyond the coast. we expect that to expand during overnight hours. it's mild around the bay area. low 70s in inland east bay. livermore, mid-70s there. 69 in santa fe.
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68 in oakland. 59 san francisco. this is our first forecast this, evening we'll see coastal fog. that will expand. there will be higher clouds as well. mostly cloudy day tomorrow, looks like nice conditions for the parade, cloudy, but not rainy but will be raining tomorrow into the north bay. i'll have the 7 day forecast later. >> thank you, spencer. coming up micky mouse joins forces with luke sky walker. but first... >> big apple may be getting back to normal. damage is far and wide. in new york city with the latest on the construction. >> and the skyway is jammed up for folks. traffic moving easier for
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those heading south. stay with us. abc 7 news continues right after this.
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major shake up in apple today. two top executives wlaimd for a pair of missteps are no longer with the company. out are scott forstall who headed up mobile software decision. -- division. he was forced to apologize and reverse course on a staffing plan. >> back now to hurricane sandy slammed into the east coast yesterday causing a whole bunch of problems in the nation's biggest city. >> president obama declared a major disaster for new york city and long island. now more on damage and the clean up. >> you can see mid town manhattan and lower manhattan still in the dark. eight million people are with out power. the death toll has now risen
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to 39 people. it's going to be several more days until we know the extent of the damage. after sandy delivered it's punch, residents in the battered states now faced with flooding, power failures and the task of cleaning up. >> i guess everybody is thinking something is going to happen. >> almost 10 million residents under the dark. >> i want every agency to lean forward making sure we're getting resources where they need them. >> a 13 foot storm surge crashed into lower manhattan sending salt water into nork city subway systems, inundating tunnels. one major tunnel took in 11 feet of water pushing cars and stacking them up like toys. >> that is as devastating as ever faced in its history oolt waves pushed it to of a street. more than 50 homes were
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destroyed when two fires sparked. firefighters rescued dozens of people. the storm turned bustling streets into a ghost town. still as days progressed some new yorkers ventured out to inspect the damage. >> we saw the river coming toward us. it looked like something out of a movie. >> new york governor says rerecovery and reconstruction will take a while. he hopes new york will rebuild smarter in anticipation of few tear events. >> we have old systems. that is not a good combination. >> it took take several days to get up and running again. we know the new york stock exchange will be reopening tomorrow. >> we've seen the number of dead is cliping.
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what is the main source of the deaths? >> most of the people who have been killed have been killed by falling tree limbs and also people walking on the streets and struck by trees. there is a story we're learning about in long island. a newark police officer, a heart breaking story. his family's hem was filling up with water out in long island, one area that had been flooded. he moved all of his family up to the attic including a baby. he went down to check on 9 basement. according to authorities he drowned in his own basement rescuing his family. one of several sad stories we're getting into the news room and we'll likely hear more of these as we get assessments of the damage as well. >> let's bring in spencer christian. have you ever seen anything like this? >> nothing like this. i've seen massive hurricanes. a tropical system affects us
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with all of this destruction and devastating weather. this is a storm to remember. it's historic for sure. >> it is. >> let's take a look at calmer conditions in the bay area. looking at western skies you can see low clouds filling in throughout the golden gate there. high clouds above. lots of blue skies above. an increase of high clouds. looking at live doppler 7 hd, you can see areas of low clouds, fog near the coastline. again lots of blue skies inland. here is a look at forecast features, clouds and fog increasing. a cloudy day tomorrow, rain beginning in the afternoon but won't arrive until evening hours so will be a rainy night for halloween.
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lows into low 50s. some patches of drizzle, drizzle not very wide spread. then, looking at satellite you can see high pressure still sort of holding on now. this is moving rather rapidly. rain will arrive with the front. at 5:00 tomorrow morning at which point we'll have again fog and driz yismt then, rain starts to arrive in the north bay into early afternoon hours. bif 6:00 tomorrow evening rain beginning to push south ward, eastward beyond the golden gate. spreading into thursday morning to all parts of the bay area, showers, rainfall behind the front. rain tapering off so it's going to be a messy period for
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us about 24 hours or so. high temperatures lower than average because of the cloud cover. into 60s from 70s in places like antioch and livermore, milder generally but milder than up in the north bay tomorrow down near monterey bay. highs into mid to upper 60s. here is the accu-weather forecast.uñ so warming up more saturday and suchbltd set your blocks back as we fall back to standard time. warm monday. high temperatures inland into low 80s. >> i have forgotten about the clocks. >> i know. >> it's one good thing. >> we lose sunlight and gain hours. >> that is okay. >> it's important. >> yes. >> coming up next on abc 7 news at 4:00 sandy floods a famous kitchen. >> taking a look at the
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mcarthur maze it's slow going for those trying to make their way east on 80 towards berkeley and points beyond a little bit easier, perhaps for cars heading into san francisco now. stay with us. abc 7 news at 6:00 continues right after this.
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entertainment news now, sandy shut down keira nightly's new premier, and jimmy kimmel returning to brooklyn. >> the rain may have let up on the east coast but sandy's aftermath is still affecting so many, including stars of the big and small screen. premier of the new film was set for tonight in the big apple. it's been capseled due to the storm. a new date has not been announced.
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in a turn of events announcing on twitter the show would go on tonight. he tweeted unless something weird happens the show is on like sweets on governor christie. donny wahlberg turned to twitter to share his experience with the super storm, posting this tour of his flooded kitchen, asking fans not to worry saying everything is okay. in hollywood, business as usual. >> this put a lot of heart into this movie. a lot of, you know, personal put myself into it. >> and get more entertainment news i'm rachel smith in langs loongs. >> still ahead a late
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announcement today, george lucas sell his studio. plans for many films. >> the internet is down. what one company is doing to help fix that. >> teenagers and their smart phones. taking a look at apps connecting teens and concern that's come with them.
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>> that news is in martinez. the jail is shut down now. not accepting any new prisoners because of incidents that happen whtd last arrived. >> inmates now on lock down. officials tell us no deputies have been injured and will not say what happened. we'll continue to follow this for you on abc 7 ñ star wars saga will continue with another trilology. >> this as a deal was announced late today. don sanchez is in the newsroom with details of the megadeal. >> this is big. that is disney, owners of abc 7 acquiring lucas film more than $4 million. the and it means the story and
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the rest will be part of the expanding disney banner meaning folk who's work at ilm in san francisco are like us, now cast members. >> in addition to getting the rights to the epic stories of all time, disney is gettingfá industrial light and magic and sky walker sound. >> that is right. it's been working on the next star wars trilologi9.jfcorxdu! geo(/ty÷lucas has been retiring out of the day-to-day operations of the company. there is a staff meeting underway now at sky walker ranch in marin to give details to employees. and this story will be
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ongoing. we'll have more at 6:00. >> thank you, don. >> we continue to bring you updates on super storm sandy now blame blamed for 48 deaths. more than eight million people from maine to carolinas are waiting for power to return. the storm weakened and moved east into pennsylvania expected to burn back into new york state. a firm predicts sandy will cause about $20 billion in damage between $10 billion to 30dzs billion more in lost business. >> there is abc 7 news david louie at cisco systemsç with aç large truck. >> it's a large truck behind me.
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this struck provides first responders with communications as they sweep in in order to provide assistance. it's full name is network emergency response vehicle. a 25 ton, 33 foot long truck. cisco built two of them. one based in silicon valley, the other in raleigh, north carolina ready to be deployed to help first responders in a disaster. >> we're going to be penalized so we can get weather channels and we can actually have them beamed by the trucks or stream the channels. >> it provides voice and data capabilities essential to coordinate relief efforts, deployed three years ago when a cable was cut in santa clara
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county. the vehicle has been deployed in the u.s., new zealand and brazil. and following earthquakes in haiti in 2010 and japan, last year, now, it's on sand by for the east coast. cisco disaster team has been watching sandy since it took aim on the u.s.. >> we're expecting the next 48 hours is probably go lg to be more important than the last 48 hours. >> with personnel, they're able to make portable devices work seamlessly. >> using standard voice over technologies ill it allows you to hook radios into the infrom a structure. >> there are 300 volunteers going through specialized training. cisco won't say how much money
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is involved except to say lending a helping hand is priceless. >> breezy point neighborhood in queens new york almost burned down. howling winds blew flames from house to house. the fire storm destroyed at least 80 homes. it took 200 firefighters 12 hours to contain the blaze. no serious injuries were reported and no word on what caused this fire. >> snow continues to fall in west virginia. a floot footh reported in lower elevations. the blizzard left 250,000 people without power. many roads and highways are closed. one death from a storm snow is
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falling on the tennessee-north carolina border, as far as maryland. >> the storm keeping both presidential campaigns on the campaign trail. instead, former president clinton campaigned on mr. obama's behalf where' tacked mitt romney's position on climate change. >> he ridiculed the president for his efforts to fight global warming and economically beneficial ways saying oh you're going to turn back the sea. in my part of america we would have liked it if someone could that done that, yesterday. >> mr. clinton lives outside of new york city. mr. romney appeared in ohio today staying away from overt campaigning during an appearance in a storm relief center.
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>> i appreciate your generosity. it's the american way to give to people in need. >> mr. romney said he spoke with some of the governors and. >> you can count on abc 7 for coverage of the storm, we'll have live updates tonight on oab 7 news at 5:00 and 6:00. world news will have live team coverage, then tonight at 10:00 abc news will air a special on super storm sandy. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00 you tube buzzing with storm clips from that storm. >> an oakland raider makes a visit to play catch to give them important advice about the future. >> and eastern sky shows lots of blue.
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clouds thickening overnight. what does that mean for the giants parade? i'll have the forecast coming up. >> this is a northbound traffic heading into marin. stay with us. abc news at 4:00 is back in a mome
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taking you back live to new york city. just next to the high rise, you can see that broken crane.
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this is a high rise under construction on west 57th street. 90 cities up. you can see more clearly. it's just dangling there. the mayor says not to worry. still, crews can not get in to fix this until winds subside in new york. >> let's focus more on sandhya now as well as a look at the halloween forecast. >> there is a what a wide area reaching from parts of kentucky, ohio into southeastern canada. center of the storm producing bands of heavy flooding rain and snow in areas. so it rages on. tomorrow nationwide, stormy weather in the northeast continues but calmer, milder
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weather virtually everywhere else. that is including the state of california. mild conditions but raintm 0ájre yeeka. we'll have rainfall here by afternoon tomorrow into the north bay. most of the remainder will be dry for daytime hours. which is good news for giants parade. looks like partly sunny skies, temperatures upper 50s to low 6s, into evening hours, rain pushing throughout the city into points south. and east of san francisco. if you want to revel, do it in the daytime. >> thank you, spencer. >> bright and early. >> there you go. >> a woman knows what is cool online before it's cool is the newest member of our team here
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at 4:00. >> calling her one of the most influential women in technology last year. >> huffington post says she's one of the women to follow on twitter. >> a look at today's hottest videos on you tube. as east coast continues to deal with devastating aftermath of the storm, it's an all hurricane sandy edition. over 500 videos were up loaded during the storm, over 14 million views last night and this morning. so first up on our countdown, a massive explosion in a coned plant took out power across manhattan. and up next, from lancaster county, pennsylvania shared thousands of times.
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some show a maneuver. >> this is only the beginning and warnings do need to be taken seriously. power outages could be a problem. and that is every one still recovering from sandy. >> just ahead flu vaccines may do more than just guard against infections. >> i'm michael finney. there are apps for teenagers. what some of them do, and the privacy concerns that parents need to be aware of. >> and who is going home on "dancing with the stars" tonight? we'll have that when we come back. >> in the newsroom coming up at 5:00 ballot measure could collect taxes to care for
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animals in one zoo. opponents blame it's a land grab. state top cop has a warning for app developers tonight. how they may be breaking the law. all that and more when we see you at 5:00.
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oork face book, google plus are popular for teenagers. do you know what sells on your child's mobile device? >> now what the apps do and privacy concerns. >> there are many apps. >> that is the problem. what are your kids use something seems like one uses an app. suddenly all of the friends and school are using them, too. then, within a week the trend is over. there are some tips on what your kids might be using on their phones today. many teens will use an app to text rather than using texting plans so parents never find out. >> a lot harder to monitor texting on an app than on a phone. because on a phone, at the minimum, you can check your/+ bill and see who your kids are texting with. and on an app there is no way to call that up. >> the vp of communications for common sense immediata, a
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nonprofit organization providing media reviews. the company reviewed one app kaurled kicks and found concerns. >> and there is group texting. and a profile talking about it and there are app plug ins. >> another another popular app is snap chat. take a picture, send to it a friend who has 10 seconds to view before it disappears. pictures don'tness ily disappear. in a statement the company warns users it's not able to guarantee messages will be deleted in all instances. >> i know that some people just use this to send funny photos but other s use inappropriate or sexual videos. >> i funny trends high. users can create comic strips
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or post photos. it can be used as a creative tool. >> this is an open source environment. kids are exposed to a lot of humor. >> parents should know i funny is rated for 17 years old and older. >> ta things that one kid may see funny may be cyber bullying. it's mocking someone's behavior or appearance. >> i funny says it includes no sexually explicit content. and they all either dedrind respond or never got back to us. every app has its statement. you should expect everything you do on an app will be shared not only with friends but strangers.
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you should never send information that is private. >> i didn't know snap chat existed until my kids told me bit. >> i asked my 14-year-old do you know about this? yeah. they all know. that is the problem. we don't. know now, we do. >> thank you. >> sure. >> breast cancer activists encouraging women to continue to get screened for the disease despite findings of a report. a panel confirms findings of another study showing mammograms save lives three times as many women are overdiagnosed that can prompt unnecessary treatments. activists say women must be given clear and balanced information. new research suggests the flu vaccine may help heart health. the conclusion based on two studies researchers compared
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heart patients who received a shot to patients who did not. 8% of the patients did not get a shot had a major heart problem within a year compared to only 4% that were vaccinated. pemplts caution more research needs to be done before a link can be established here. >> tuesday night is elimination night. >> larry is here now. and he used many years of dance training to help predict outcomes. >> with a former cheetah girl doing the rumba. this is kind of an emotional dance inspired by a former boyfriend addicted to drugs. this week they featured extended solos. three tens for a perfect score. last week's numbers 88.5 out
4:52 pm
of 90 for sabrina brian. >> that is country week. >> but they're doing it. none theless. two people in perfect harmony with music and each other. poetry in motion. three 10s. he also with a perfect score of 30. that is just probably his best dance. then, melissa rykroft sprained her neck last week and almost had to drop out. len stood up and he was the only one. >> that is true.
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>> 29.5 points. 86 out of 90. >> who is going home. >> carolyn not happy with tempo. >> i was important on this. i have a feeling america is going to send kelly mondayacko home. she's been inconsistent. we'll see tonight at 8:00. >> right. >> coming up next lucky students playing catch with an oakland raider, advice about school and sports. >> and a big performance bay area students are practicing for.
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terrell prior has been spending part of the afternoon playing football with these middle schoolers that go to the barack obama academy a school for youth that have troubles he talks about growing up poor, watching friends and family make wrong choices in live. >> about the 10 second rule, right? they got 10 seconds to decide is this a good thing or not? you know? if it's not a good thing, nothing coming out good, just walk away. >> good rule, prior says a mentor took him under his wing at age 12 that helped keep him out of trouble. >> for this band countless hours of training paid off in the queen of england has taken notice. >> she invited the band and color guard to perform in london and rome in 2014. students say the hard work is rewarding.
4:58 pm
>> you put in a lot of hours but it's worth it. >> the kids have a lot of passion for it. it's nice to share it. >> that is fantastic. the band director is auctioning off a car. how cool is that? >> that is unbelievable. >> thanks for joining us. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you, loading up, shipping out. pg&e crews on their way to help restore electricity in east coast after disaster zones. >> i'm sandhya patel. affects of sandy continuing. more than a foot of rain in some areas. still counting i'll have latest on sandy and a look at local halloween forecast coming up. >> and there is still time tonight to get in on the el steal a base free taco give away. you might get one made by
4:59 pm
angel pagon.é@ >> super stormç sandy left storms stacked like sardines. so much water it shut down the subway system. >> take a look. sandy came ashore with such force that a 700 ton tanker washed up on a staten island street. >> sandy is on the move tonight inching inland into pennsylvania. the storm weakened by it's expected to bring more heavy rain and flooding. it's projected to head back into new york this is a super storm blamed for 48 deaths at this point. it made land fall in new jersey. >> we feel for all of the


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